Avoids Risk


Finding strengths and challenges is an investment reducing uncertainty and avoiding up to 65% early return. Companies that do expatriate surveys like GMAC (find their surveys on Google) indicate that the additional salaries and expenses associated with relocation and support are wasted when an otherwise talented expatriate is incomplete in the work because of culture shock or cultural adaptation issues, interpersonal relationships, or other performance matters that intersect with being in a new culture. These are so preventable --- give our Go Culture International team a change to be a part of your preparation and planning.

The GCA© profile organizes information visually and verbally to then assist the client to develop strategic planning. Our clients have gone to some 30 destination countries. Up to 50% of expatriates are not successful, quit, or return early largely because of lack of assessment and competency-based preparation and also because of spouse or family issues. Let us have a chance to use GCA's extremely affordable yet quality system to help you or your team.