What Leaders Say


“This is the best assessment and training package I have seen in my 20 years working in HR in business and as a non-profit leader where I have witnessed the successes and failures of preparation and lack of coaching intervention in numerous efforts.”

 ---Jamie Hutzel, President thinkEDC Communications

The instrument has proven valuable as organizations decide on team assignments overseas or domestically.

Mary R., former HR Director for medium sized software company states, “This instrument helped us develop and place our management teams for maximum performance.”

Marketing Professor and former Sales Manager Asia for a multinational technology company Michael W. states, “I use the GCA to reveal intercultural competencies and weaknesses which then point us to coaching and training needs.”

One Fortune 500 client using the GCA stated, "We looked at several tools, but this one was highly affordable. Once our employees took it, we could see quickly mistakes we would have encountered without knowing their cultural strengths and challenges provided by the Go Culture Assessment. We reoriented our training and intercultural preparation thanks to you." --VP for HR in large auto organization.