Simplying Adaptation Readiness


"Lack of selection technology and poor quality training explains a lot of poor intercultural performance." --- Carley H. Dodd, Ph.D. author of Managing Business and Professional Communication, 2012.

Barry Kozloff President of Selection Resource International, among others, has observed that most organizations choose expatriates to represent their programs because of one's expertness or other reasons, when in fact the first step begins with selection to close the intercultural gaps. However, it is not intuitively obvious to many leaders that the demands of international work are different and demand an adaptive approach preparing for intercultural interaction. In addition, families have been identified in surveys such as GMAC's annual study of expatriates as one major issue for an employee's lack of adaptation which also affects their task performance. One of the many helpful points of the Go Culture Assessment is that it includes two highly reliable measures of spouse and family issues related to relocation.

Consider the high cost of sending and supporting, we at Go Culture International encourage you to find a pre-departure readiness solution. We have one of the best out there. Since it is online along with a visual and user-friendly online report plus coaching instruction, ouir clients describe the system as very effective at a reasonable investment.

Failure is not because of talent, but because of the unique conditions. Don't chance it --- contact us to help your entire organization.